Sketch Generator

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This image processing utility will generate a "sketch"-like abstraction of your digital photograph. Simply specify an image file to upload (in JPEG format), set the desired sketch parameters, and click on the "Generate sketch" button to generate and display the source photo's sketch image. Note that for efficiency reasons, the sketch image will be output in PNG format.

For best results, use crisp, high resolution source images.

Specify source image file:
(File must be in JPEG format)

(** Max size 2048 x 2048 pixels & 5 mb)
Sketch Resolution
Higher resolution results in finer, more responsive sketch lines.


Sensitivity Threshold
This sets the level of detail that will be sketched. The lower the number, the more dense and detailed the sketch.

These are the RGB values of the sketch's foreground and background colors. Each entry's value may range from 0 to 255.

Foreground: R:   G:   B:
Background: R:   G:   B:

Add posterized color: colors
Color adj:   R:   G:   B: