Word Puzzle Solver

This utility provides two functions to help you solve word puzzles: a word jumble solver, which takes a group of letters as input and returns a list of words composed of those letters, and a word matcher, which takes a word template with the letters only partially specified and returns a list of words that match. Word templates are words with the known letters in their proper positions, but with underscores ('_') taking the place of the unknown letters in their respective positions. (For example, the word template "s_ork" matches the words "spork" and "stork".)

The word jumble solver is useful for word jumbles, Scrabble, and other word games which require composing words from a disordered set of letters. The word matcher is useful, for example, for games such as Hangman, crossword puzzles, and Wheel of Fortune.

Word Jumble Solver

Enter a group of letters below & click the "solve jumble" button to calculate the list of words composed of those letters.

Word Matcher

Enter a word template below (with '_' representing unknown letters). Then click the "find matching words" button to return a list of words matching the template.