Facility Location Utility

When deciding where to place a facility that serves geographically scattered client sites - whether the facility is a delivery center, a distribution center, a transportation hub, a fleet dispatch location, etc - a typical objective is to minimize the sum of the distances from the facility's location to the client sites. Furthermore, you may want to give the distance to certain sites more "weight" in the calculation, for example if a site requires several deliveries daily as opposed to one delivery daily to other sites, resulting in higher fuel and other costs. Or, perhaps you want to ensure particularly good service to a certain site. In these cases, you want these higher-weighted client sites to have greater relative influence on the final location.

This utility will calculate the optimal location of your facility with respect to the set of client site locations you specify. If you elect to not give any preferential weighting to any particular client site, this utility calculates the geometric median location for your facility, which is the location that minimizes the total sum of distances from the facility to the client sites. If you do assign weights to certain sites, it weighs the distance to those sites proportionally in the calculation (for example, a weight of 2 will double the count of that site's distance in the minimization calculation - note that a weight greater than the number of client sites will result in that site's location being the optimal facility placement). A graphical chart will also be generated to visualize the result.

For each line of the client site coordinates box below, enter the x and y numerical coordinates, separated by a space or tab. Optionally, you can enter a third number, which represents the relative weight to assign to that site. The weight value must be greater than or equal to 1. When not specified, the weight value for a site defaults to 1. Also, you may optionally specify a rectangular region in which to constrain the resulting location, as well as whether or not to draw gridlines on the result chart.

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On each line, specify an x coordinate and a y coordinate, separated by a space or tab. You may also specify a third number representing a weight value, must be >=1.
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