Event Seating Planner

When planning large events such as conferences, shows, large weddings, etc., the seating arrangements must be considered and finalized before the event. This involves assigning a list parties to specific tables, aisles, or other seating units. The parties to be seated are a variety of sizes, and may be generally classified under groups of event attendees (for example, "family of the groom", "company xyz representatives", "first-class ticket holders", etc). The planner may wish to ensure that certain groups are assigned exclusively to certain seating units, or instead allow that group to be seated in a wider range of available seating. Finally, the planner may need to make adjustments such as seating certain parties together in the same seating unit.
Given a list of parties to be seated and seating units available, this tool will generate a seating assignment for your event. Click here for help on how to use this tool. Click here to insert a small seating example as a demo. Note that all party, seating unit, and group names must be enclosed by double quotes (" ") if they contain any spaces, punctuation, or symbols other than letters or numbers. After you've entered the list of parties to be seated, the list of available seating units, and any desired seating adjustments, click the "generate seating assignments" button to generate the results.

Seating Units

Specify the types of seating units available. For each seating unit type provide the name, number of seats each, total number of units of that type, and the list of groups eligible to be seated there.

Name of seating unit type Seats per unit Number of units Groups eligible to be seated in unit type

Parties To Be Seated

Specify the individual parties to be seated at the event. In each line, list the party name, size, and the group classification.

Seating Adjustments

Make adjustments to the seating arrangements by assigning selected parties together to the same seating unit. Each line should include the names of the two parties to be seated together, separated by a '+' symbol.