World Infographic Maker

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Illustrate your international political, social, or economic data with this graphical tool, which generates an infographic world map with color-coded data applied to each nation and territory.

You can define solid or patterned color categories to represent data values or brackets. The color categories and their descriptions can be displayed in a legend at the bottom of the map. Then, for each state, you can select the color category to apply to it. You may also add a title, subtitle, and footnote to your map, as well as set the background color. The legend entries can be displayed as a horizontal or vertical list.

Once you've completed the setup of your map, you may publish it as a permanent, hot-linkable image that you can post on websites, blogs, or message forums. An import/export feature is also provided, so you can save your map configuration to be modified later.

This tool's interface is organized into tabs, which you can select by clicking the corresponding buttons. The generated map will be displayed above the tab boundary.

Note that some nations too geographically small to be included on the map were omitted.

To begin, select one of the tabs below, or click to try an example.