Photo Scene Miniaturizer

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This image processing utility will alter a scenic photo to appear as a closeup of a miniature model of the same scene. It does this by simulating the tilt-shift photographic technique of selective focus.

Simply specify an image file to upload (in JPEG format), set the desired parameters, and click the "miniaturize" button.

For best results, use crisp scenic photos that are taken from an angle above ground level. Avoid having tall structures in the focus region, as they will unrealistically go out of focus as they extend out of the focus region.

Specify source image file:
(File must be in JPEG format)

(** Max size 2048 x 2048 pixels & 5 mb)
Focus Position
Select the vertical position of the focus region in the photo as a percentage of its height. For example, a position of 10% places the focus region near the bottom of the photo, a position of 50% places it in the center of the photo, and a position of 90% places it near the top.

Position of focus region: %
This is a measure of the rate the photo is blurred as the distance from the focus region grows. The higher the rate, the "closer" the camera appears to be to scene. Select a value in the range [1-30].