Electricity Cost Calculator

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In addition to the purchase price of an appliance or device, the energy cost of using that device must also be considered when computing total cost. For example, an energy-efficient appliance may cost more to purchase that a standard appliance with similar features, but that higher purchase price may be offset by future energy savings. This applies to any household item which consumes electricity: refrigerators, televisions, computers, light bulbs, etc.

This calculator will determine the yearly cost of electricity to operate a device, given its wattage, average time of use, and the unit cost of electricity. This information can then be taken under consideration when making purchasing decisions.

Device Wattage:W
You can get the number of watts the device uses from the label on the back or bottom of the device.

Average Time Used: hours per
Specify the average amount of time the device is turned on.

Cost of Electricity: cents/KWH
You can get this from a recent electric bill. It's typically given in cents per kilowatt-hour.