Cash Flow Value & Rate of Return Calculator

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Given a specified future cash flow over regular periods of time, and the interest rate at which to discount future sums of money to today's value, this tool will calculate the present-day value (or "net present value") of the cash flow.

Conversely, given the same future cash flow and a present-day sum of money, it will calculate the internal rate of return of the cash flow - i.e. the rate of return you'd realize if you were to invest the present-day amount in return for the future cash flow. This would be useful, for example, in evaluating lump sum payments in return for future structured settlement or annuity payments, or in purchasing a business with a predictable revenue stream.

You may also graph these values in graphical mode.

For more information on these topics, refer to the Wikipedia articles on net present value, discounted cash flow, and internal rate of return.

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Future Cash Flow...

Specify the future cash flow. Set the payment period interval (bi-weekly, monthly, etc), then type or paste a list of payment values in the text box below.

Calculate Present-Day Value

Given the specified future cash flow, and the interest rate you provide below, calculate the present-day value of the cash flow.

Calculate Internal Rate of Return

Given the specified future cash flow, and the present-day investment sum you provide below, calculate the internal rate of return of the investment in the future cash flow.

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