Asset Allocation Calculator

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To realize financial growth while minimizing risk, investors maintain a diversified portfolio of investments with varying risk levels and rates of return. In addition, they will often seek to maintain a fixed ratio of individual asset values compared to the total value of the portfolio. This is referred to as "asset allocation".

However, over time the asset allocation will shift, as the better performing, and typically riskier, assets will grow faster on average than other assets in the portfolio. Also, the investor will often wish to make regular contributions to the portfolio, which may change the asset allocation.

Given a list of investments, their expected rates of return, and the yearly contribution amount if any, this tool will calculate their values over time. It will also calculate the percentage of the total portfolio value each investment represents. This information will help you predict the future asset allocation of your portfolio, and assist in determining a contribution plan which will preserve as closely as possible the desired asset mix.

You may specify up to ten investments below. Note that you can represent transfers between investments using negative contribution amounts.

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